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Mining is one of unique LuminaRO system that gives Luminarians unique lower-headegar, generally called "wings." You can preview what exactly these wings are in Fusor


How to Mine


Mining requires a mandatory set of gears that the character must equip. Any proper Mining character must equip following safety gear and mining tool in order to mine:

  • Mine Hat
  • Mining Tools

These gears are all sold by Tool Shop in Coal Mine(mjolnir_02)


Gears sold on Mining Tool Shop



Level Limit



Mine Hat


67,000 Zeny


Iron Mining Tool


12,000 Zeny


Silver Mining Tool


62,000 Zeny


Gold Mining Tool


184,000 Zeny

As it is already noticed, a Proper mining character must be at least base level 55 due to level limit of the Mine Hat


Not only mining requires safety gear and a proper tool, you will also need following items in order to mine. Each item is consumed every once a while. Since Mining Tools are considered as an accessories, you can equip two mining tools and mine twice faster than one, but this will burn mining fuel twice faster

  • 7204.gifGun Powder - 320 Zeny
  • Mining.gifMining Fuel - 280 Zeny

Miining Example.jpg
A simple example of a fully geared(?) miner

Search and Dig!

After supplying all of your need for mining, you must find mining deposit, which would exactly look like Mineral, but you can't attack nor it has HP.

Mine Spot.jpg

If you does not meet any of requirements stated above, you will get following message, Warning.jpg

Finding the Right Mining Spot

Finding the mining spot is crucial for mining, check Mining Map Guide for detailed explanation of mines and locations


After confirming mining process, your character will turn into "mining mode" ScreenLuminaRO252.jpg

Warning: miner during mining mode wont be able to use attack or skills and can die from aggressive monsters in the map or Mining Accident

There is no limit of people mining at the same spot therefore it is possible to start mining at the spot that someone else has been at it.

Until the end

Mining wont stop unless following circumstances:

  • Miner has died from blast or from aggressive monsters nearby
  • Miner ran out of mining fuel and/or Gunpowder
  • Miner's weight limit has reached
  • Miner's misc. inventory is overloaded (too many different kind of items)
  • Miner logged out of LuminaRO Client

Mining Drops

Please refer to your Guide to Mining Drops

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